Natural Pink Opal (Clean), Plain Cab Oval (18.00X13.00)


Natural Pink Opal (Clean), Plain Cab Oval – 18.00X13.00mm

Carat Weight (Pc) – 9.10cts.


Stone:- The meaning Pink Opal is a natural, pink colored gem-variety of the Common Opal which is composed of Opal, Palygorskite and Chalcedony. This slightly translucent to opaque gemstone is valued for its unique pink hue, pleasing lustre and high durability rather than the play of color. It is worn as a healing gemstone to cure stress, anxiety, insomnia and heart-related disorders. It is also a highly affordable jewelry gemstone.

This is a stone for the month of October is rare because it is one of the few gems that can be found in almost every color. Some pink tourmalines have clarity as transparent as diamonds.


This planet symbolises beauty and love. Thus, it is believed that wearing the Venus gemstone – Pink opal helps to restore love, loyalty and patience in the existing relationships.
It is believed that wearing Pink Opal benefits those who focus their attention towards the artistic pursuits. Musicians, painters, writer and photographers are strongly recommended to wear a high-quality pink opal to increase their concentration and imagination power.
Wearing a genuine pink opal is considered highly effective for people dealing with stress, depression, fear or anxiety. It is a beneficial gemstone for people suffering from insomnia and any other sleep disorder.
Many different cultures have said that wearing a Pink opal stone benefits the people dealing with any skin infection, lungs disorder or heart-related issue. It is believed that Pink opal healing properties amplify the secretion of beauty hormones, boost the immune system and balance the body metabolism.
piritual awareness is one of the well-known benefits of wearing a pink opal stone. Pink opal metaphysical properties activate the Heart Chakra and help the wearer to establish a spiritual connection. In addition, the healing properties of Pink opal relax the tensed nerves, bring positivity and support the meditation activities.

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Weight 9.10 g
Dimensions 18.00 × 13.00 mm
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